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Here in Brazil we are trying to promote access with autonomy. Telecentros (http://www.telecentros.sp.gov.br/english/) are build with free softwares, the community learns how to use and care, and also has the duty of to keep safe and in the hands of the people.
There are further more initiatives, like this: http://metareciclagem.com.br/wiki/MetaReciclagem
Look the 'face' of the computers.


what kind of licence does the picture have_

Aldo de Moor

No idea, I saw it on another blog four years ago, which had no reference to the source of this picture. It was common practice then, but others and I have become much more careful about these digital rights issues now. However, I am still struggling to find out about the right form of referencing graphic materials on blogs, which seem to be a grey area. Suggestions welcome. Any manuals for proper referencing? PS I have removed the picture, as I can't find the original source blog anymore.

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