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Welcome, Aldo!
If you can, blog about the conference. I'm interested in the proceedings. How can I have them?
kiss from Brasil,


Hey, great you're back. Hope you're enjoying your new position.


welcome back and great to meet you at the conference!

Aldo de Moor

Thanks all, for your warm welcome. It makes me realize I really missed the 'excitement of the unexpected' provided by the blogosphere :-)

Here are the bibliographical data of the proceedings:

van den Besselaar, P, De Michelis, G., Preece, J. and Simone, C. (eds.). Communities and Technologies 2005: Proceedings of the Second Communities and Technologies Conference, Milano 2005. Springer, Berlin. ISBN 1-4020-3590-X


Hey Aldo

We met at the C&T conference. Stumbled back here on to you via Piers/monkeymagic. Small world.

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