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Irina Neaga

Dear Aldo,
I was thinking to ask you if so-called design patterns (originally defined by Gamma: http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0201633612/ref=sib_dp_pt/002-1532532-9230463#reader-link
and widely used in software engineering for building reusable components using OO modeling) may also fit the requirements of Pragmatic Web?

However a possible answer to my potential question I have found in this paper:
Thanks for additional details if possible.
Kind Regards,

Aldo de Moor

Dear Irina. Yes, design patterns are very important elements of the Pragmatic Web, as also pointed out in my paper. However, the design patterns you refer to, are closer to technical patterns. The real challenge for the PW is to focus more on developing the higher-level, _socio_-technical design patterns. These patterns take into account fuzzier aspects, like community and individual goals, social norms etc.

keskes nabil

Dear Aldo,
before I begin, I thank you ,I want examples of the individual ontologies of contexts and ontologies for semantic web ,because i want simulate the negotiation of meaning.

thank you very much

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