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I really like the CmapTools at first sight. The possibilities of this tool exceed those of Mindmanager quite convincingly (although the strength of MM is of course its simplicity). Many thanks for the link.

Irina Neaga


We are intending probably to use MindManager and CMaps even FreeMind for roadmapping. What do you think ? Should be possible ? What other tools including powerfull visualisation should be more appropriate?

Thank you anyway,
Irina Neaga
on behalf of European Union Research Group at Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Aldo de Moor

For initial roadmappîng I would use simple, taxonomical mindmap tools like FreeMind, or, if you have it, MindManager. CMaps should come in handy if you are more into analyzing concepts and relations in a particular domain, and little about the structure of your semantics is known yet. Otherwise, CMaps may be overkill, since it requires a considerable learning curve to understand how it all works and get the implementation details sorted out.

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