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C.Sade Turnipseed

The Harriet Tubman Village is a writer’s colony within a charming Bed & Breakfast facility located in the Historical South’s Ackerman, Mississippi, just outside of Tombigee Forest in Choctaw County. The Historical South is well known for its literary greats, such as: Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Richard Wright, Oprah Winfrey, John Grisham, Tennessee Williams, Margaret Walker Alexander, Stephen Ambrose, Jim Henson, Alice Walker, Margaret Walker, Shelby Foote, William Faulkner and many others.
The Harriet Tubman Village will be run by C. Sade Turnipseed, in Sade’s newly acquired property. The Harriet Tubman Village itself is a work of art. Each of the six guest rooms have walls that are minimally 65% glass providing a breathtaking view of the Forest, nearby park and the pulp wood train track, just outside the property line. In addition to the views, the Harriet Tubman Village offers a huge patio and a lovely garden for the guests to explore and enjoy.
The Harriet Tubman Village, for Writers and Artists has three competitive advantages, as a Bed & Breakfast (B&B) that will ensure profitability. The first is Sade is on a mission of love. Her unrelenting attention to personal detail is landmark in customer service. Sade recognizes that her most important job is to allow her guests to have a carefree stay with excellent services conducive to a writer’s/artisan’s temperament. The other sustainable competitive advantage is KHAFRE Publishing housed within the facility. Last, by no means least, are the physical amenities, featuring a beautifully appointed Magnolia House with handcrafted arts and crafts that are simply beautiful. The house and adjoining TeaCake Garden Cafe are magnificent.
Sade will turn leads into customers through attention to callers on the phone and through the use of a comprehensive website with all details of the writer’s colony/bed & breakfast experience listed therein. The Harriet Tubman Village, for Writers and Artists will begin to make a profit by month nine and will grow steadily from month to month.

Tanguy Coenen

All for it. Sounds like a fantastic plan to me. I'm planning to do exactly what you describe in the coming year, finding these locations in a rather serendipitous way. Hope to do the same thing in years to come, but I'm afraid it won't be possible due to work pressure. So pre-set destination or a network of destinations would be ideal.

On my year's travel next year, I'll do some scouting for interesting locations in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Would be interesting to have a list of general conditions on which to rate a site for adequacy.

Some kind of charter or manifesto could also be nice to have, in order to further define and communicate the "spirit" of the thing.

Wanna set up a space to further develop the idea ? Or rather keep discussing it on the blog ?

Aldo de Moor

Tanguy, I think it would be excellent to set up an initial workspace for further developing the idea. For starters, we could have a discussion forum for topics like Charter, Principles, Locations, Rules & Guidelines, etc. Setting it up should really become a distributed, self-organizing effort, to capture the creative spirit of the thinking community it should generate. Besides, one of our complaints is that we're all too busy, so many hands should help to make the load lighter. Would you be able to get something in the air?

Aldo de Moor

A very interesting discussion thread (A Thinking Community...) on this post is developing on the yak-mailing list:


Aldo de Moor

A ThinkingCommunities wiki has been created to further work out these ideas. We are looking forward to your input at:


Irina Neaga

It has been enjoyable reading about your dreaming project which if I well understand, reminds me of the artistic communities: http://www.westbeth.org/ even teams making movies or an open-air sculpture camp/park:
Although having very different purposes, some ideas may merge in order to develop interdisciplinary creative (thinking) projects.
I also know that there are some (real) workplaces (working environments and associated cultures) which provide a good work-life balance as well as flexibility and related time for deep thinking directed to produce / generate new ideas however, focused on defined (research) topics.
Finally but not at least, I am sending you all the best for the fulfillment of this project among others.

Peter Jones

Hi Aldo

I share you thoughts on this and often wish for that unique combination of time & space to think. In the 80's I visited San Michelle Axel Munthe's Villa:


Tourists aside I feel really could be creative there.

Two other thoughts though the cost of getting to remote locations, and the priviledge of being able to do so. Can we offset these costs. I've a full-time job, so my 'space' is Rivington Barn for a rather public coffee -


- it does the trick - with dreams left to return to...

Aldo de Moor

I just came across this post


of my friend and colleague Eugene Kim. He writes about work rhytms and balances. It seems to be the kind of sage advice necessary for the periods when not in a Thinking Community...

Aldo de Moor

A "thinking communities pattern" has just been published: http://communitysense.wordpress.com/2008/12/08/liberating-voices-book-published/

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