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Mark Sylvester

I would love to know what you mean by 'quirky'. We have heard a lot of adjectives about the system, but this is a new one.

Mark Sylvester, CEO, Co-Founder

Mark Gaved

"thread-o-sphere" ! Hey, the internet is made up of spheres, it's not tubes like I thought it was!

Thanks for the write up Aldo, very useful.

Aldo de Moor

Re Mark Sylvester: as I said in my post, your tool is quite effective in its main functionality (the pinhead view). However, there are still some things to iron out in the "secondary functionality", for example:

- The biggest drawback is the mess created with the tag sliders. When tags are close together, they overlap and are not readable anymore.

- Quite annoying: not to include the text of new messages in notification mails. I know, many sites don't do this, but I think it's bad service to force people to login for every mail they get.

- Forum messages don't have their unique permalink you can include in mails for reference.

- Forcing users to enter a US state or Canadian province when they register. The world is bigger than North America, y'know :-)

Hope this helps to further improve your tool.

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